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Quick Psycho Diagnostic screening in office or remote

• Engage clients in the clinic or prior to the visit
• Get a DSM scan to determine level of care
• Integrate results in your EMR


Why use the QPD?

QPD Panel is an acronym for Quick PsychoDiagnostics Panel. It is a fully-automated mental health assessment for primary care, specialty care, telehealth and community outreach. QPD Panel assesses eleven common mental health disorders, integrates seamlessly into busy medical settings, and provides clinically actionable information for treatment decisions.
Patients self-administer the assessment in less than ten minutes using a smartphone, tablet, or browser. Health care providers receive immediate test results in familiar lab report format. QPD Panel is HIPAA compliant, integrates with all major electronic medical records systems, and is scalable to meet the needs of any health care organization from national and regional health care systems to solo practices.

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The Work Flow

Initiate a Screening Interview

On-demand or automatically, schedule a QPD assessment that adapts to each patient’s needs. The patient can complete the interview remotely via an email or text link using their personal device (smartphone, tablet or PC) or the assessment can be completed in the office using a local tablet or kiosk. Remote administrations are automatically initiated along with reminders as needed.

Patients Do The Data Entry

Question-by-question administration enables easy formating for mobile devices, performing calculations and next question selection, dynamically administering the interview measures in the minimum number of questions.

Results Automatically Routed Where Needed

Assessment results provide documentation and are automatically routed or manually imported into the EMR, data warehouse, or HIE with error-free scoring, analysis, and outcome trending. Access results as a PDF report, summary note, or discrete data fields in real-time minimizing staff involvement and maintaining patient flow.

Add Remote Screening To Your Work Flow

Secure Links In Email and Text Messages Are More Effective

Using a secure link that the patient can simply click to access the QPD gets over the hurdle of logging into a patient portal or responding to a screening that is mailed. Reminder emails or texts as needed, automatically sent before the due date, further improves the response rate.

Reduce Time In The Office, Ideal For Telehealth

Whether your practice has pivoted to telehealth visits, wants to reduce risk from spending time in the waiting room or simply does not have room for office-based screening, remote screening is a great solution. Screening outside the normal visit schedule is also a viable option.

How To Implement
In office and remote electronic screening and assessment, start simplified and upgrade as needed

Cloud-based, get started now


Download Patient Tools apps to meet your needs


EMR Integrated
Automatically initiate and get lab results


IBH Assist giving you a new powerful tool,
Dynamic Administrations.
Valuable time is spent asking and transcribing responces to questions that are unnessary when the patient has already flagged or gone well under threshold values. Dynamic Administration automatically ques the nessecary follow up assessments or skips non-relevant sections so time and resources are spent expanding the reach and breath of assessment resources.
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